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road transport

G5 has a modern fleet of trucks and trailers, fully equipped with a tracking and risk management system for the safety standards required by the market. We offer the best quality in logistics and transport services for different types of cargo.

Areas of expertise


Paper and Cellulose

In House Logistics (Storage, Loading and Unloading).

Port Operation

Specialized team for loading and unloading port operations.

Fertilizers and Chemicals

Transport and distribution in trucks and conventional trailers.


Transport of miscellaneous equipment

Steel Industry

Transport with extensive carts and board.

Wind and Hydroelectric Energy

Transport of Tramos, Naceles, Backpacks and other equipment for the construction of wind farms.

Engineering and Civil Construction

Yellow line transport and miscellaneous.

Cement Plant

Transport of MRO and project loads.


Rental of board trailers and transport of equipment.

Gas and Oil

Transport of special equipment for expansion projects and maintenance of extraction and distribution centers.

ISO 45001

It promotes a safe and healthy work environment through a structure that allows the G5 to consistently identify and control its safety and health risks, reducing the potential for accidents.

ISO 9001

It works as an instrument to help the manager to find and correct inefficient processes within the organization. In addition, ISO 9001 is a way of documenting the culture of the G5, allowing the business to grow while maintaining the quality of the goods and services provided.

ISO 14001

Its main objective is to specify the requirements for the implementation of an environmental management system enabling G5, regardless of the size of the operation, to develop sustainable practices in its business: products and services.


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